• Tutor

Industry Education / Teaching / Training
Location Bengaluru
Experience Range 1 - 3 Years
Qualification Any degree
Not active

Functional Teaching / Education / Language Specialist
Job Description
About Us
About Company
We believe in delivering learning experiences end to end, therefore, we will be providing adaptive & personalized content & regular online weekly teaching sessions. Our modules (K12) will offer a question led learning with embedded interactive information pieces (videos/gifs/tools etc.) We are building a data science engine which enables students to learn in a way they understand the best - as we will provide real-time hints, adjust difficulty levels, provide interest (eg. sports) based quest
Roles and Responsibility
  • Assess, teach and support learners online
  • Develop an online relationship with learners
  • Prepare and assess online assignments
  • Provide feedback and answers to learners’ questions
  • As you might expect, an online tutor (or e-tutor if you have to) are the people who support students learning a particular course, just like a normal tutor, but they do so using the power of the internet.


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